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What options exist for obtaining grants and funding to enhance the energy efficiency of your residence?

Numerous grants and programs exist to assist both homeowners and tenants in enhancing the energy efficiency of their residences, leading to savings on energy expenses. Key initiatives currently active include the ECO4 Scheme, the Great British Insulation Scheme, and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

ECO4 Scheme

The ECO4 initiative presents a chance for you to enhance the energy efficiency of your residence while simultaneously cutting down on living expenses.

You could qualify if either a member of your household receives benefits or if there’s a cohabitant who meets the criteria! The scheme provides an array of economical options including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and enhancements to solid wall infrastructures like heating systems, among others.

Additionally, the government has initiated grant programs for individuals interested in incorporating solar panels into their residences. Reach out to our specialised team to explore how we can assist you in reducing your energy costs.

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Great British Insulation Scheme

Often referred to as the ECO+ Program, the Great British Insulation Initiative is a governmental effort targeted at enhancing the energy efficiency of homes in the UK that don’t qualify for ECO4 funding due to their high energy inefficiency.

Individuals applying for assistance must reside in a property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or lower or within a council tax band of A-D.

To determine if you qualify for a complimentary or substantially discounted energy-efficient improvement for your property, please reach out to us today.

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Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The government has allocated £5,000 to facilitate the transition from gas boilers to air source heat pumps!

Through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you are assured £5000 towards replacing your gas boiler with sustainable heating alternatives, such as air source heat pumps.

Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord seeking heating solutions, this complimentary grant can be of assistance. Let us assess if you qualify for these heating grants. Apply now, and our dedicated renewable energy surveyors will reach out to provide details on available assistance.

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Grant & Funding Eligibility

To be eligible you must:

To be eligible you must own or rent your home and be in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Our 3 Step Hassle Free Process:

  1. If you believe you meet the criteria for ECO4 grants covering 100% of costs, please complete our form, and one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours to review your needs.
  2. Upon confirming your eligibility, we will schedule a complimentary assessment of your property by an accredited energy surveyor.
  3. Subsequently, we'll handle the submission of your grant qualification and coordinate the commencement of work on your property within 14 days. It's as simple as that – you'll enjoy a cosier home and reduced bills!
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, solar panels work just as well in the UK as they do in sunnier countries. In fact, they actually work better in cooler weather!

    Yes, solar PV can be fitted to any roof that faces between due east and due west, as long as there are no shading issues.

    Yes, there are a number of government incentives and schemes available to help with the cost of installing solar PV, like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme. Houses on low income are eligible to apply for ECO4 funding which can help insulate and improve the energy efficiency of their home. Learn more about grants & funding here.

    No, solar panels will produce electricity during the day and night, although they will generate more during the daytime when there is more sunlight.

    By using a solar battery you can store the energy created by your solar panel system. Without a solar panel, any surplus energy created would be sent back to the National Grid rather than in your own home. Find out more about solar batteries here!

    Ready to take control of your energy bills?

    Find out which schemes and grants you are eligible for.

    Ready to take control of your energy bills?

    Find out which schemes and grants you are eligible for.

    Ready to take control of your energy bills?

    Find out which schemes and grants you are eligible for.